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  About   Church of Western Swing

“The Church of Western Swing” was started in 2000. It really began 20 years before that, when Gene Crownover started working with Henry Baker’s Band, out of Bartlesville, OK.

Soon, Glen (Blub) Rhees, Clarence Cagle, & Curly Lewis, were also playing in the band. Gene asked Henry to go to Turkey in 1982 to play bass on the Sat. afternoon show, because Leon Rausch had to leave for another job. He said, “If you ever go once, you’ll never miss a year”.    

  About   Turkey, Texas

Turkey is best known as the home of Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing
100 miles SE of Amarillo
100 miles NE of Lubbock
250 miles NW of Dallas

Population: 570 (2000)

Wills was a barber in Turkey during the 1920's. In his biography “Hubbin’ It”, Wills said that the lotions and soft-work of barbering kept his fingers pliable for playing the fiddle. It was a trade that many musicians shared, since the day work of barbering never interfered with dances and holiday celebrations. 

  About   Bob Wills 1969 Lincoln

This was the last car Bob Wills owned. Bob Wills 1969 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors was bought by

 B.J. Robison when Bob died in 1975. He never even tagged it after that. They would get it out, and, put it in the parade each year. After years of trying, B.J. finally agreed to sell Henry Baker the “Bob Car”. Henry brings it to Turkey each year, and, drives it to other Western Swing Events throughout the year. Henry bought it in 2000, and tagged it with tags that read “BWILLS”.

  Planning   Your Trip to Turkey

Click on the logo to get directions to Turkey Texas

  Watch   Our Photo Slideshow

Henry and Doris Baker invite you to look at some pictures of the many friends who come to The Church Of Western Swing.

Turkey 2010 Pictures just
added to end of slideshow.

Check It Out!

New pictures will be added after special occasions and
we hope that you will come see us here in Turkey!

 Watch  Wedding Pictures at C.O.W.S

Nothing like a wedding at the Church of Western Swing!

Come share the joy of these couples as they tie the knot in Turkey, Texas.

Upcoming  Calendar of Events   

Stay tuned for upcoming events

Well, it's about time to get it on your mind,

It's  not long till Christmas Party Time.

If U've been here before, U know what to do,

But, if U haven't, then I'll splain it to U.

This year, it's gonna' B on Saturday, so, remember,

It's the 2'nd Saturday, the 1oth of December.

Invite everyone U know, & bring a gift to swap;

Somethin' U got, somethin' U made, or, somethin' U bought.

If U got a special recipe, U can bring somethin' to eat;

It can B some vittles, or, it can B somethin' sweet.

We'll eat, play Dirty Santa, & have lots of music & song;

& we'll dance & listen to BOB WILLS' MUSIC -----------

    ALL NITE LONG !!!!!                        AHH - HAA !!!!!

 [henry baker]            COWS BAND

Doris & Henry                       Everyone's Welcome

580-313-0210                Help keep Turkey  "Swinging" !


2007 Church of Western Swing